Ravin’ Girls Special Episode: Call Down the Hawk

Ravin’ Girls SpEp: Call Down The Hawk

Welcome to the Call Down The Hawk Special Episode!!! Where we cover the excerpt released by Scholastic, Prologue-Chapter 8.

So many new characters! So many new things to be worried about! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!

Find out what Shannon would have called the black market, what 90’s British cartoon Nievita thinks might be related to dreamers, the possible meaning behind the new dream-forest’s name, and what we found most shocking and satisfying about the excerpt. We answer (or ramble) some listener questions, and grade our past predictions for the Dreamer Trilogy as Confirmed, Denied, or Unknown. Are we possibly psychic? It’s up to you to decide!

NOTES: There was an announcement today (7/3/19) about Ronan’s birthday in the final version of Call Down The Hawk being changed from the listed date in the preview excerpt, to keep in line with events from The Raven King.

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